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Seagull BioSolutions is focused on development and commercialization of developing new technologies for healthcare applications. We have endogenously developed a India’s mammalian expression system “The eSAME technology” that is useful for producing recombinant protein and viral vaccines and therapeutic agents. The eSAME system can also be engineered to develop new gene therapy agents. Seagull BioSolutions is now using this versatile technology platform to develop new healthcare products that address important unmet medical needs. Our lead candidate, SBPL-0100 is an immunopotentiating oncolytic virus that will be useful to kill prostate and other cancer cells preferentially without causing harm to normal non-cancerour cells. In addition, it will also induce anti-tumor immune responses in patients. SBPL-0100 is derived from the vaccine strain of Measles virus which is proven to safe following administration into more than 700 million children worldwide.

The eSAME technology is also being used to produce Virosomes – custom designed non-replicating measles viruses that may be used as viral vaccines and virotherapeutic agents. Our Dengue Virosomes produce Dengue Virus Like Particles (DVLP) in situ using measles virus transcription machinery and will help induce anti-Dengue immune responses. If successful, the Virosome platform will eliminate the needs for cellular adaptation of viruses and large scale manufacture and formulation of viral antigen which represent important bottleneck steps in vaccine development.  

The novelty and utility of the eSAME technology platform has been appreciated by national and international funding agencies including the DSIR & DBT of Government of India, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, USA and the ICICI Bank, India.

The R&D team of SBPL consists of nationally & internationally trained scientists and works out of a facility located in the NCL Innovation park, Pune (INDIA) where Seagull BioSolutions is a resident incubatee of Venture Center. The close proximity of leading research institutes like the National Chemical Laboratory, National Institute of Virology, Indian Institute of Scientific and Educational Research, the National Center for Cell Sciences and Agarkar Research Institute allow for close interactions with leading academic researchers.