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The eSAME technology


The eSAME technology is a versatile mammalian expression system that uses RNA dependent RNA polymerase (RdRP) of the vaccine strain of Measles virus (MV) for gene expression.


Seagull BioSolutions has simplified the commonly used system for reverse genetics of MV to a two plasmid system consisting of a single Helper plasmid and a Cloning Plasmid. This modification has expanded the scope of its application to large scale protein production and expanded the range of cell lines which support the RdRP mediated gene expression.


The eSAME system can also be used to produce replicating and non-replicating Measles viruses that can be used a new viral vaccines and virotherapeutic agents.

Virosome Technology


Seagull BioSolutions defines Virosomes as non-replicating Measles viruses containing custom designed genome coding for non-viral genes. Virosomes can be used to produce new viral vaccines as well as gene therapies.


An important advantage of Virosome as a vector for gene therapy is that their genome does not integrate into host cellular genome thus eliminating the potential for undesirable and toxic mutations. 


Seagull is developing a novel vaccine for Dengue prophylaxis using this Virosome technology.