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Simple method of Virosome Production

Active Virosomes are non-replicating derivatives of Measles virus that can display non-MV antigens alone on their surface and also contain a custom designed “replicon RNA” that codes for non-MV genes – either alone or in combination with a subset of MV genes. Active virosomes are easy to produce and can be used as effective antigens for new vaccine development, antibody drug discovery, readily “re-targeted” vectors for intracellular delivery of therapeutically/ biologically useful RNA molecules & as safe, economical antigens for diagnostic applications. 

The proven safety of the Measles vaccine virus & the fact that Active Virosomes do not contain genes coding for all the Measles Virus proteins makes them INHERENTLY SAFE. This property has potential to help minimize the risks involved in new vaccine development.

Active Virosome Technology: Services
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