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A simplified method for reverse genetics of Measles

The eSAME technology is a simplified method for reverse genetics of Measles & related viruses. It comprises of a single Cloning plasmid and a Helper plasmid. The cloning plasmid can either code for the entire genomic RNA of Measles virus or a smaller MV-genome like “Replicon RNA”. This Replicon RNA can be designed to code for 2 to 6 different non-MV genes. Helper plasmid on the other hand codes for & expresses the N, P & L proteins of MV. These proteins act in trans to initiate gene expression using the RNA expressed from the Cloning Plasmid as its substrate. This results in the production of Measles virus (if the cloning plasmid codes for the viral genomic RNA) or expression of the non-MV proteins (if the Cloning plasmid codes for non-MV proteins).

Our studies have shown that this technology can be used for production of replicating & non-replicating derivatives of Measles virus and also for facilitating Measles virus RNA dependent RNA polymerase mediated expression of non-measles virus genes.

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