Measles Vaccine is one of the safest & most economical vaccine available till date. The Measles Vaccine Virus has also been shown to be easily modified genetically to produce vaccines for prevention of a wide range of infectious diseases & oncolytic & immunotherapeutic cancer treatments. However, these developments have proved to be difficult to be translated into clinical use due to the possibility that anti-MV immunity that is present in most humans (due to vaccination during childhood) can compromise the efficacy of MV-derived products. 

Seagull BioSolutions has developed inhouse skills in reverse genetics of Measles virus and used this to produce two technology platforms that will not only circumvent this problem of pre existing anti-MV immunity but also enable the exploitation of this versatile & economic vaccine for producing new vaccines & therapies that could be easily affordable to common man in India, developing countries & rest of the world.

  1. eSAME Technology

  2. Active Virosome Technology